Shane Vereen Decided He Wanted to Beat the Patriots in a Super Bowl After Winning One With Them

Welcome, Mr. Vereen! Please and thank you! By no means is this a red carpet rollout welcoming, but get the cameras, tell the press baby, ride or die Giants baby.

Look-in at Master McAdoo’s offense next season:

Bomb to ODB, touchdown. 

Bomb to ODB, touchdown. 

Opposing defensive coordinator: Hey, let’s cover him with four guys.

Check down to Vereen.

Check down to Vereen. 

Check down to Vereen.

Check down to Vereen. 

Oppo. DC: Hey, let’s go jump that checkdown. 

Bomb to ODB, touchdown. 

The biggest winner in this signing is Eli. It gives him a very viable option in the passing game, and Vereen is also a good pass-blocker and is exceptional at picking up blitzes. Going for 30 TD’s last year, it’s hard to see Eli putting up better numbers, but I can honestly see it now.

Here’s the real reason Vereen signed though (albeit reportedly slightly overpriced). More rings. Dude knows he can play in a Super Bowl, he caught 11 passes in the last one. He’s also not dumb (because the Giants are the class of the NFL and only sign sincere men dedicated to their profession and the good in this world). He realizes this is a year of four, where the Giants make their Super Bowl runs. Against the Patriots, So he already knew he wasn’t winning the next one, and when the opportunity came to sign with the next champs, he had to.


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