Mets reporter Adam Rubin going in on “media” (fake media a.k.a. bloggers)….wait, that means me

So Fred Wilpon had a meeting with Terry Collins after the Mets got thrashed by the Marlins today, leading to an uproar in the internet community about what that could be. Is Terry in trouble? It was probably nothing, but that didn’t stop some Mets blogs to write some articles about it. Adam Rubin I guess took offense to this? So he went on a tirade against the “media” (people who don’t follow the Mets around everyday)


Just a casual brag by Adam Rubin here. Wants to show all the new media who he is. Remind everybody that he’s pretty much a part of the Mets. But I still don’t see anything to get this upset about. Whatever bro, some people wrote some blogs about something that doesn’t even affect your job. You should be pumped actually , because all us “media” read your reports and make opinions of our own so even more people click on your articles.

It’s all about the page views Adam. You and I both know that, we’re in the pageviews game.


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