Is Revis Coming Back to New York (but maybe not with the Jets???)

Darrelle Revis is the top prize of this free agent class. The Golden Goose. The Patriots declined to pick up his $20 million option making him a free agent at 4:00 today. Now he’s dangling out there with Belichick and Maccagnan trying desperately to reach him. Then, there are some rumors flying in that that Rex and the Bills are going to make a late push for Revis. It’s going to take a King’s ransom to get real estate on Revis Island, but that’s one thing the Jets have over the Pats and Bills. Cash mooooney.

Whenever you get a chance to grab the best player at his position in his prime, you do it. No questions asked. Especially if he fills your biggest hole and he’s already been a Jet before. I’m not going to lie, I was originally iffy on whether or not I wanted Revis back. I thought the money could be spent better elsewhere, but then I realized that there is zero better place than to get a top tier free agent like Revis.

This is the reason we carried over so much cap money, so that we could make a run at a guy like Revis and then still have money to spend elsewhere. Plus, this would mean the Patriots don’t get their guy and they’ll be extra thin at corner. Sure, they’ll probably just draft a guy in the 4th round who will end up being just as good, but still, anytime you can beat the Pats you do it. That’s probably the whole reason Rex wants him in Buffalo.

In the end, I’m probably going to be extremely let down once I found out that the Jets never actually made an offer to Revis and that this is just all chatter, but until then I’m drinking the Kool-Aid. Bring back Revis Island baby!!!!


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