Talbot puts on a show in Chicago

Prince Talbot protected the throne once again last night, as the Rangers beat the Blackhawks 1-0 in overtime on a goal 35 seconds from Derek Brassard. Talbot made 29 saves including an insane one in the 3rd off a rebound chance by Patrick Sharp to protect the shutout.

Cam Talbot has been an absolute monster over the last two weeks. First of all, all he was asked to do was keep the Rangers in contention while we waited for the return of the King. Oh how he’s done all that and more. Last night, Talbot posted his 5th shutout of the season. Talbot’s 10-2-3 since Lundqvist went down and has only been getting better. He was thrown to the wolves after Henrik got hurt and he started off a little bit shaky. The Rangers were winning games, but that was in spite of Talbot, not because of him. Now, it’s the other way around. Rick Nash forgot how to score when there is a goalie in net, St. Louis is playing like a 39 year old and the our power play is still struggling. Hopefully, once Yandle (or yeldon as I called him in the podcast) gets settled in, the defense will be able to put more pressure on offense and that could open things up.

But for now, the great thing about this Rangers team is that we aren’t solely relying on our stars. Every night it’s somebody new. Brassard scored for the first time in maybe 5 years last night, Kevin Hayes has been playing fantastic and the depth that people were worried would be lost after all of the departures in the offseason, is better than ever. Talbot is showing the whole league that he can play like a #1 goalie, and is leading us in the chase for the Metropolitan championship. He got his most high profile win against the Islanders a few weeks ago, now it’s all about whether history can repeat itselff and he can put us in sole possession of 1st.

In Prince Talbot we trust.


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