New York Jets QB Carousel: Who will be the next Quarterback for the Jets?

So it seems like every day there is a new name that pops up who is rumored to be linked to the Jets. It’s annoying because there isn’t one guy on this long list of names that really should get you excited, but you might as well stay informed so you know what you’re talking about over this free agency period.

The Incumbent

Geno Smith

New York Jets v Carolina Panthers

There’s only a handful of other athletes in New York who people like less than Geno. A-rod, Melo….that might actually be it. In my opinion it’s actually pretty overblown. Sure, Geno is not a superstar, he’s not a pro bowl QB (as much as he’ll tell you is), he doesn’t have a lot of upside. But, it’s also important to remember that Geno just finished his second year at QB with no consistency at receiver, no continuity for an offensive coordinator and an offensive line that did him no favors. Geno is going to get another chance to be the Jets QB whether we like it or not, but it might actually turn out to be not the worst thing in the world… I won’t kid myself, this year will suck once Geno starts for us again. Just try and remember how often plays like this happen with him

and this…

and this….

and this…

The Prospect

Marcus Mariota


Suck for the duck was the motto of November and December, but recently the stock for Mariota has begun to drop. You are either in one of two camps with Mariota. You are either on my side, the right side, that sees that Mariota is nothing more than a system Quarterback with good intangibles (much like Geno Smith at West Virginia), or you think that he has all the tools to be a big time Quarterback and you’re buying into the process of waiting for him to develop an NFL game. Only problem I see with that is that I don’t see Mariota ever becoming a better than decent Quarterback in the NFL

The Free Agents

Brian Hoyer


Started 13 games for Cleveland last year. Hoyer is the definition of a serviceable QB. He kept the Browns in the playoff hunt for 13 weeks last year, but was driven out of a starting job because of Johnny Football mania. It’s a little concerning that he became turnover prone at the end of last year, but Hoyer is a very solid option at quarterback. He’s leaning to Houston, but the Jets are reportedly still in the discussion

Matt Moore


Coming from the Dolphins where he chose to be the backup the past 2 seasons instead of trying to test the market and look for a starting job. If he comes to the Jets, he’ll have another opportunity to compete with Geno Smith and perhaps another Quarterback. He also has a reeeeeally hot wife. Just saying…..

Trade Options

Ryan Fitzpatrick


This makes a lot of sense. Fitzpatrick had the best statistical seasons of his career when he was playing under Chan Gaily as his then head coach, now the OC for the Jets. Fitzpatrick is a journeyman quarterback but probably of all the options listed already, gives the Jets the best chance to win this year.

Nick Foles


This is the blockbuster trade that Jet nation is calling for. Chip Kelly wants Marcus Mariota and if he’s on the board when the Jets pick, there’s a chance the Eagles send at least 2 first rounders, along with Nick Foles, to the Jets for the #6 pick and the chance to draft Mariota. Foles was a pro-bowler two seasons ago but got hurt last year.





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