Conference Championship Week Viewing Schedule: Monday

This might sound crazy, but hear me out when I say that Conference Championship week is almost, if not better than the actual NCAA Tournament itself. Sure, March Madness is more exciting in the way that it get’s everybody hyped about the same thing for a month. Everybody fills out their brackets, you joke about winning a million dollars, yada, yada, yada. But if you’re a fan of the games themselves, then Conference Championship week will absolutely satisfy your fix.

The Conference championships that I’m talking about aren’t the big time schools. The best tournaments that happen are the very small ones. In these tournaments, there are no at-large births to March Madness or even the NIT. So the school that loses has it’s season ended. So far, there have been 4 tickets punched to the dance. North Florida, Coastal Carolina, Northern Iowa and Belmont are all in, and if it’s any indication, this slate of games this week, should be legendary. Belmont hit a 3-pointer with 3 seconds left to upset #25 Murray State, Northern Iowa came back from an 18 point, second half, deficit to beat Illinois State. These games are unreal and keep you on the edge of your seat regardless of if you care about either school. The atmosphere is electric and the students go insane. It’s much watch television. So, here it is, your official Conference Championship Week viewing schedule:


7:00- Furman vs. Wofford- ESPN2- Southern Conference Men’s championship

Yea so Furman attempted to play Duke this year.....
Yea so Furman attempted to play Duke this year…..

This is a nuts situation actually. Furman is 11-21. If they beat Wofford, who is 27-6, then they will have the worst record to ever make the tournament. Furman is a huge dog but I’d love to see the Paladins make the field.


7:00 – South Dakota vs. South Dakota State – ESPN3- Summit League Men’s Final

State is the defending champ and heavy favorite
State is the defending champ and heavy favorite

I’m sure all 50 people who live in South Dakota will be at this game.

9:00- Manhattan vs Iona- ESPN2– MAAC Tournament Champonship

Power move of the century by Manhattan to put Jaspers on their ass
Power move of the century by Manhattan to put Jaspers on their ass

This is my hometown tourney. Manhattan beat my Foxes on their way to the championship. This was one hell of a championship game last year and these two always play great against each other. The campuses are only 9 miles apart actually. So think the Bronx version Duke UNC.


Come back tomorrow for the Tuesday viewing schedule……


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