Who is the most gorgeous 2015 Met (Reader poll)

There is something different about this Mets team. Maybe it’s the fact that they have potential to perhaps make a run at the playoffs? Or maybe it the fact that every single player on the team I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but almost every single player on the Mets roster is drop-dead gorgeous. So the only logical thing to do at this point is to rank the best looking players.

Honorable Mention:

Bartolo Colon:



How could you leave tolo off the list? He’s so gorgeous! Some people like curves! But honestly,  I think the reason for leaving my man Bartolo off the list is actually an honor. This way he gets an entire category to himself. He deserves nothing less. It’s a privilege to have the honer to witness Bartolo Colon

Now on to the real contestants:


5) Kirk Nieuwenhuis


Kirk has a lot of trouble when it comes to making contact with the ball, but what he has no problem with is being a certifiable stud. He looks like he has the IQ of an 8 year old, but does it really matter with looks like those?

4) Anthony Recker:


I’m assuming he’s good looking? I’m just guessing that chicks think he is. I searched “Anthony Recker good looking” on google and stuff came up, so I guess other people think the same thing. Either way #4 Anthony Recker.

3) Jacob deGrom:

MLB: New York Mets-Photo Day

It takes A LOT to make me put anybody over my boy deGrom, but that is just a testament to the guys ahead of him on this list. I really wish that I could have put him at #1, but it just wouldn’t be fair to the next two guys. Stay beautiful buddy, never lose the flow.

Matt Harvey:


Harvey took over New York two years ago and is the clear successor to the face of the Mets. He has the ability to be the best pitcher in the MLB. Combine that with the way that he loves the spotlight and is a highly marketable figure, Matt Harvey could wind up being the face of baseball. He’s the most polarizing athlete baseball has, but somehow can’t even make #1 on this list……

1) David Wright:



David is our leader, our captain. You don’t not put David Wright as the most gorgeous player on the Mets. Just look at him, they don’t make ’em like David very often. He’s the reason your girlfriend might watch a Mets game with you, and he has to be the hands down answer for best looking. I’ll question your fanhood if you vote for anybody else.


Okay what do you guys think, vote here:


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