Harvey Day recap: This man is a God

I believe in one god, the father the almighty, creator of heaven and Earth…..and his name is Matt Harvey

Today was better than the fourth of July, your birthday, and christmas all rolled into one. Today was Harvey Day. Matt Harvey came to the mound for the first time since having Tommy John surgery 16 months ago. Nobody had any idea what to expect. Would he look anything like vintage Matt Harvey? Well, he answered that pretty damn fast.

Harvey came out and did what Harvey does. He dominated. 6 up. 6 down. 3 strikeouts. He hit 99 mph on the gun twice. He got a strikeout off of a 98 mph fastball. He was throwing a curveball that he’d never thrown before and it was making the Tigers hitters just look silly. The Mets were going to give him 35-40 pitches for 2 innings, he didn’t even need that. 25 pitches to set down the Tigers.

There has never been this much hype leading up to a spring training game. I can say that with absolute certainty. Twitter was going bonkers over the 30 minutes that Harvey was on the mound. #Harveyday was trending, and it felt like 2013 all over again. Even Harvey said that it felt like the kind of reception he got when he started the All-Star Game.

I get that this was a spring training game, and it technically doesn’t mean anything, but in the grand scheme of things it absolutely has to. Harvey pitched for the first time in a game in 16 months and he looked just as good as he did in August 2013. So yea, tell me it’s a spring training game, tell me he only pitched 2 innings, tell me it doesn’t mean anything. But guess what? This meant something not only to Mets fans but to baseball fans in general. Matt Harvey is the most captivating athlete baseball has today, so the fact that he got on the mound today and showed that not only could he pitch, but he still had that dominance about him, that meant something.

But that’s just Harvey Day I guess.



BTW- If you haven’t caught this, E:60 is doing a documentary on Matt Harvey’s comeback and I may or may not have watched the trailer 100 times. Goosebumps city.


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