Mel Kiper has Mariota going to the Jets in his latest mock draft

I’m pretty sure that this is the bazzilionth mock draft that has come out since the football season ended, and for the bazzilionth time Marcus Mariota is going to the Jets, and for the bazzilionth time, I say that I think it’s would be a huge mistake to draft this guy.

Mariota is not a pro Quarterback. Everytime I hear another analyst say that “he has all the skills needed, he just needs to sit for a few years to learn the NFL”, I hear one thing, THIS GUY IS A BUST. He is a system quarterback. Take him out of his quick swing passes and make him stay in the pocket on a 5-step drop and he’s going to be just another quarterback whose game just doesn’t translate to the NFL. If the Jets draft Mariota, they’ll be on the market for another QB 2 years from now. I’m not saying that Geno Smith is a better option than Mariota, although if you’re strictly speaking about next year he is.

I would much rather take somebody like Andrus Peat, the offensive lineman from Stanford, or Amari Cooper, the stud wide receiver from Alabama. These are two positions that the Jets have a desperate need for that the draft could help solve. The NFL draft is a crapshoot when it comes to quarterbacks, everybody knows that, it’s much easier to project the effectiveness of an offensive tackle or a wide receiver.

Ideally the Jets trade down with the Eagles. Everybody with a brain knows that Chip Kelly is salivating at the chance to draft Mariota. He wants to be the coach of the Oregon Eagles. The only problem is that it would take a big time trade to to jump from 17 to 6 if Mariota is still on the board with the Jets. But, if he is, that would be a huge move for Maccagnan to make to start off his reign. It might not appeal to the average joe fan who has had mar iota shoved down their throat for months, but it would be the best football decision he could make. They’d probably get at least 2 first-rounders, maybe 3. It’s not the flashy move that the Jets are known for, but it’s the smart move that winning football teams are known for.


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