WHAT THE HELL Just Happened in the NBA

Holy Shit. Sitting at my laptop these last 30 minutes just refreshing twitter again and again and every time I did somebody else got traded. I swear to god everybody in the NBA got rid of their entire team. I didn’t even have time to start writing this blog because every time I clicked away from twitter something else broke. UNREAL.

The 76ers I don’t think have enough players to fill an actual NBA roster right now. They pretty much have the talent of an over-40 rec league team. No joke, besides Noel and Embid, I can’t name one player on their squad.

But before I get into anylizing everything, let’s just look at everything that Adrian Wojnarowski has been breaking this past hour. I do not envy this guy right now:



I need some sort of tree or some diagram to show me what teams got who and shit. This is unreal. I’ve never seen anything like it. I guess more to come on where the Knicks stand but only if I can’t start wrapping my head around what is going on. This is fucking bonkers

BTW: This is my real reaction right now



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