Knicks vs. 76ers: The Tank-War is REAL

Ok so the dust has settled and the trade deadline is over. The madness has ended so now it’s time for me to stop running around my room screaming and look at what the Knicks did. The Zen Master had one job. LOSE MORE FOR OKAFOR. It’s simple. He must’ve thought it was all over before the trade deadline even started. I mean, we shut down our best player, cut another one of our best players, we had it all locked up. Then the 76ers came along and started a cold tanking war the likes of which I’ve never even seen.

I posted all of the NBA trades on my last blog, but here are the one’s that matter in terms of Cold War II between the Knicks and sixers


So the 76ers think that they’ve mastered the art of the tank I guess right? You trade away every one of your good players and acquire 50,000 picks in the NBA draft and think you have it all figured out? Nuh uh.

This is the guy who the 76ers should’ve traded for if they really wanted to get serious about losing


But enough about those guys. The Zen Master was able to pull of some sick trades of his own to ensure that the Knicks will not get better, while still helping the future. I’ll be honest, i’ve never heard of alexis sved or whatever his name is before 30 minutes ago, but apparently he’s really good at 3’s?? That’s nice to have. But where Phil really won the day was by getting those 2 second-rounders from Houston. It’s huuuuge to have picks in the NBA draft. Sure, the #1 pick is a game changer, but if you really want to build a championship team, you need to consistently hit on second round draft picks. I’m not positive if these are both for this year or if it’s one this year and one next year, but regardless, HUGE move by Phil. Used his Zen powers all over those bitches in Houston.


phil jackson zen master


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