ESPN takes Dickey V off the Duke/UNC Game Tonight. It’s Time to Riot

When you think of the Duke-North Carolina basketball game on television, who is the first person you think of? Dick Vitale, right?

Since joining ESPN in 1979, Vitale has called every single Duke-North Carolina game the network has aired. More than any other college game or rivalry, Vitale is known for Duke-North Carolina.

But not this week. The streak is coming to an end.

Vitale has not been assigned Wednesday’s Duke-North Carolina game. He used to be the lone analyst on the game, but over the past few years, Vitale has called the game with play-by-play announcer Dan Shulman and analyst Jay Bilas. Wednesday the game will be handled by just Shulman and Bilas.

Vitale wouldn’t comment on it, but he surely must be devastated by not being able to call the game for which he is best known


This is some baby back BULLS#$T. Dickey V is Duke/UNC. Duke/UNC is Dickey V. They go hand in hand. Sure, he might be annoying at times and use the same catchphrases that he’s shoved down America’s throats for 30+ years multiple times every broadcast, but that doesn’t mean he shouldn’t be doing ESPN’s signature College Basketball game of the year. This is just disrespect. Plain and simple. Dickey V is almost if not as entertaining as the game itself. His raw giddiness to call every one of these games is what made it so fun to listen to. This is no dig at Jay Bilas. I love Jay. I think he’s the best analyst ESPN has right now, in any sport. He’s smart, knowledgable of the game, has all the experience you need, and is able to give it to you straighter than anybody else. If you suck, Jay will say you suck. He 100% deserves to do the game. But what’s wrong with having a guy next to him who is just so happy to be there that I can feel his smile through the television. Dick Vitale is that crazy relative you have that doesnt seem to have a point to anything he’s saying but just stream of consciousness says it anyway. I love Dickey V. I’t just doesn’t make sense to me. Tonight we riot for Dickey V.

Classy move by Vitale. He knows where his bread is buttered.


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