Knicks Buy Out Amar’e

The rebuilding process* is in full effect.

Not a lot to this here. STAT simply couldn’t stay healthy enough ever since he took the Knicks to the playoffs as a seven seed that one season (2010-2011) where he averaged 25.3 points per game and had that cool streak where he was droppin 30 in consecutive games.

amare wine

But other than that, Stoud couldn’t hack it anymore. And forget it when Melo arrived. It was such a fast fall for him, but it goes to show you that if you can’t stay healthy/consistent, it’ll cost you your career. No matter how many red wine baths you take.

Plus, Jim Dolan still paid him like $99 mill. Gosh I hate the Knicks organization.

* I say rebuilding process, meanwhile we doled out $127 mill. to a fat chump who only cares about himself.


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