Your Saturday Night Sports Viewing Schedule

I don’t know where you live in the world, but where I am there is no shortage of snow and the temperature is in single digits. So what are you gunna do on your Saturday night? Go out??? Ha, what do guys have, lives or something? Nah, why don’t you read this blog and chill with cha boy Odawg watching some quality sports on this less than beautiful Saturday Night


6:00: Duke vs. Syracuse (ESPN)/ Villanova vs Butler (Fox Sports 1)


A dinner time delight as you get to see some of the best teams in the country take on some quality competition. ‘Cuse is having a down year but there’s no doubt in my mind this will be a good game. Plus you get to see future Knick Jahlil Okafor run train on the Orange. Or you could watch some sweet Big East action and get a good look at two possible dark horse NCAA tourney contenders. Butler is a sneaky very good team and Villanova is always in the conversation.

7:00: Islanders vs. Blue Jackets


I’d be remised if I didn’t put the Isles up on your viewing guide. Big game, Isles Rangers at the Colliseum on Monday, probably an emergency podcast in the works. Blue Jackets suck, but this should pass the time after the Blue Devils are blowing out the Orange by halftime and you’re waiting for the real New York hockey team to play at 8:00.

8:00: Rangers vs. Coyotes

Dallas Stars v New York Rangers

Here we go. Rags need this win. Talbot is playing in his 6th straight game because Vigneault refuses to put our ginger back-up goalie in net. We’ve got a reeeeelly tough game vs. the Isles on Monday so 2 points against the helpless Coyotes would be nice. Seriously though, what’s the over/under on the number of fans in the arena tonight? 12???

8:30: All Star Weekend Saturday Night (Skills contest, 3-point shootout, dunk contest)

New Orleans Pelicans v Brooklyn Nets

There are 3 reasons to watch this if you are a white person.

1) The crisp passes, the smooth dribbling and beautiful layups in the skills contest

2) All the white guys jacking up 3’s in the 3 point contest while you drink with your friends and will eventually say “I bet I could do that”

3) Mason. Fucking. Plumlee- Repping white guys everywhere. When was the last time a white dude won the dunk contest? Has is ever happened? Everybody is a Dookie tonight, we’re all team Plumlee


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