7 Mets Storylines in 7 day; Day 2: When will Noah Syndergaard come up/ who will be the odd man out of the rotation

This is Part two of the 7 part Mets season preview leading up to day 1, when pitchers and catchers report.

He’s the prospect that every Mets fan has been hearing about for almost 3 years now. Noah Syndergaard, one of the top prospects in baseball today, seems to finally be ready to make the jump to Major League Ball this season. The only problem is that the Mets already have millions and millions of starting pitchers. So how are they supposed to make room for a guy who isn’t even a proven commodity? And who, if anybody, will be the odd man out? Well lucky for you I’m here to help you out with all of that.

Who is Noah Syndergaard?


If you’re just the regular Mets fan tuning into a broadcast, at some point you’ve probably heard about Noah Syndergaard. Whether it’s about trading him, or calling him up to pitch, Noah has always been at the center of the Mets attention. According to Keith Law, ESPN amateur prospect expert, he has Noah Syndergaard ranked as the No.5 prospect in baseball.

What’s so special about Syndergaard?

Noah Syndergaard is a phenominal pitcher, but I’m not going to act like I’m a baseball scout. Here is ESPN’s Keith Law’s evaluation of Syndergaard

Syndergaard had an awesome 2013 season from start to finish, improving in multiple ways as the season went on while putting up superb numbers as a 20-year-old in high Class A and Double-A, and still has room for further improvement. He already has the build of a workhorse starter, with velocity up to 98 mph that’s easy like Sunday morning and the ability to get downhill plane on it when he stays on top of the ball. His changeup is comfortably plus already, but his curveball, a grade-40ish pitch in high school and early in his pro career, is already solid average, and plays up because he gets on top of the ball and releases so close to the plate; hitters swing and miss at it like it’s a sharper, harder pitch.It’s very unusual to have a pitcher this young show this kind of athleticism, present command and pure stuff and even if Syndergaard doesn’t improve further, he’s at least a quality third starter who can handle 200-inning workloads, but the curveball could get a little tighter and push him up to a No. 2 or better.

When Will Noah Syndergaard be called up?

While Syndergaard has secured a training camp invite for the 2nd straight year, it is very unlikely that he’ll make the opening day squad. This is because of a variety of factors, first being that the Mets don’t like bringing up their starters at the beginning of the year. deGrom came up in May, Wheeler came up in Jude and Harvey came up in August. The Mets will likely wait until Mid-June before giving Syndergaard a serious look. If I had to guess, I would say Syndergaard will be up by the end of June

Who will he replace? Who’s the odd man out?


The problem with having so many awesome Starting Pitchers is that you can only have 5 of them start at one time. The Mets have been actively shopping Dillon Gee and even if they can’t move him, he will probably be relegated to bullpen duty to start the year. That still means that Noah would have to kick somebody out. In all likelihood that person will be Bartolo Colon. If the Mets can move his Fat-ass before the trade deadline, then that would make space (a whole lot of it) for Noah to step in. But if they can’t move him? That’s when things could get messy. Then the Mets would be either waiting for a pitcher to get hurt or they’ll have to tell Bartolo Colon, a guy who won 15 games last year, that he has to move to the bullpen because some kid who’s never pitched in the majors before is taking his job. Nobody said it was a nice business

Odawgs take?

I cannot WAIT to see Syndergaard come up. He’s been dangled in front of our eyes ever since we acquired him in the R.A. Dickey trade. This is going to be a fun rotation to watch one Noah comes up. It’ll be all young guns, guys who all throw heat and who are the future of this team. If Syndergaard can put together a solid rookie season then this will be a ferocious rotation for teams to face. My guess is that he’ll probably pitch like 150 innings, get 5 or 6 wins, have some really good starts and some really bad ones. He’s going to strike out a ton of guys, but also walk a ton of guys. I’m all in on Noah’s Arc (yea I said it).


BTW- This is Noah Syndergaard dressed up as Thor on Halloween…..NERD


BTW II- Noah’s girlfriend is a certified SMOKESHOW





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