Islanders Update: R-E-L-A-X

The Isles hit a bit of a skid after murdering the Rags last week.  They lost three in a row to the Bruins, Red Wings, and Panthers. Two of those teams are on fire right now.  The other one is the Panthers.  Whatever.  It happens.

The Islanders took on the Flyers last night.  They fell down 2-0 midway through the second.  Matty Martin had his nose broken right before our eyes

Johnny Boychuk hurt his knee and was carried off the ice


It was looking like a real ugly loss in Philadelphia.  Would have been their fourth straight loss, which would be tied for the teams worst this season.  I was getting texts from people asking what was going on with the team.  People were calling for Jack Capuano’s job.  And do you know what I had to say about it?


This is a team of warriors.  Boychuk and Martin came back out onto the ice and finished the game.  Cal Clutterbuck proved that he deserved the “A” that the Isles slapped on his jersey.  He put the team on his back and hammered home the game tying goal in regulation, and then the game winner in the shootout.  And what did Cal do immediately after he scored the game tying goal?  He skated down to the other end of the ice to give Jaro a pat on the back and thanked him for keeping them in the game.


That’s why you make him the alternate captain.  The guy gives you 100% of himself every night on the ice.  He anchors down the best fourth line in the NHL.  I absolutely love giving him the “A.”  It was well earned.

Teams go through minor skids.  It happens.  Hockey ebbs and flows.  They didn’t have Okposo and couldn’t control the pace of the game like they normally can.  Jack Caps has been doing a great job shuffling the lines and hiding the hole left by Okposo’s injury.  The team has resilience.  That’s what you love to see from a young team.

The Isles just continue their dominance over the Metropolitan Division.  17-2-0 against division opponents.  Pure dominance.


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