Was Today 7 Years Ago The Happiest Day of Your Life? Why, Yes It Was Thanks For Asking

Feb. 3, 2008. Feb. 5, 2012. Only dates that have ever mattered in my existence on this Earth.

First of all, there is so much on this drive that nobody talks about. The fourth down conversion on our own like 35. Eli throwing off his back foot and then Asante Samuel dropping a bone crushing pick-six.

But then you have the highlights. The plays we will always the remember. The day I realized I was in this thing for life. I was sports from these fateful few minutes out. Sports were me. Those are the plays you tell your kid and your grandkids about, where you were when you saw that, who you were with.

Legitimate TEARS when I watch this. No joke I watched this the other day before this year’s Super Bowl and I almost sobbed, tears streaming down my face*. Never felt more emotion in my entire life toward anything honestly.

I kind of wish I was a year or two older for this one. It really would’ve been something special to realize the magnitude of beating a perfect season and just the absurdity of this catch and drive. I’ll never forget though. Neither will you.

*Probably because we won’t be back for a whileeeee.

Sidenote — Record was set of 114 million people viewing the Super Bowl this year. First of all, this record just keeps getting broken every year. Secondly, how is it possible that nearly 200 million people didn’t watch this game? Like, what are you doing? Everybody I know with the exception of my two grandmothers watched this game. Figure it out America.


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