Somebody got kicked off the Aaron Hernandez Jury because they were a Patriots fan trying to sabotage the case

FALL RIVER, Mass. — The judge overseeing the murder trial of former New England Patriots player Aaron Hernandez removed a juror Tuesday, saying there was evidence she had spoken about the case in previous years and had an early interest in being seated on the panel.

Bristol County Superior Court Judge Susan Garsh dismissed the juror after questioning her individually and closing the courtroom to hear evidence on the matter.

After a closed-door hearing that lasted more than 90 minutes, Garsh said there was credible evidence the juror specifically discussed an opinion about the case, including that it would be hard to convict Hernandez without the murder weapon. She said the juror also discussed several items of evidence that the court has ruled are inadmissible in this case.

“Over the last few years, the juror has expressed an interest in serving on this particular jury,” Garsh said. “There is credible evidence that the juror has attended more Patriots games than were disclosed on the questionnaire.”


What a story. The thing is though that I 100% called this from the very start of the case. There are crazy sports fans out there like this woman who was literally willing to overlook a conviction because she was a Patriots fan. Now, in fairness it is not proven that this is the reason that she was removed but because she lied about going to Pats games and she said she really wanted to serve on the jury. NOBODY wants to serve on jury duty, that alone should’ve been reason enough. I honestly have no clue how they picked the jury for this case. It’s taking place in New England, Patriots country. They should’ve moved the case to like Bismarck, North Dakota. At least there you wouldn’t have a bunch of mass-holes trying to corrupt the justice system because a guy is good at catching footballs

On the other hand, I shouldn’t be casting the first stone. If I was put in this situation where like the Mets were on the verge of winning the World Series and Matt Harvey got arrested for murder….ehhhhh I’m not so sure if I would be completely objective. Would I be able to get through hours of cross-examining to see if I was lying about being a Mets fan? No, probably not, I’m a terrible liar, my girlfriend can tell you that. But I might give it a shot. I’d tell them I like soccer or another stupid sport that’s not baseball, and I’d try and convince the judge that I’m definitely one of those people. Then in all likelihood if there was no murder weapon I’m 95% sure I’d sabotage the case from the inside. All you need is 1 not guilty. Adnan didn’t get a fair shot with the corrupt justice system, so I’d totally give Harvey a chance. Then we’d become best friends obviously and we’d hang out everyday…..


BTW- Actually if this was the judge I’d take back everything I just said. This lady scares the living crap out of me

Susan Garsh


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