Rex Ryan gets a New Tatoo

Does this officially signify the end of the Rex Ryan era for the Jets? Sure, they fired him a month ago and cleaned house and hired a new head coach and he went and got hired by a new team and all that jazz, but we always had that tattoo. That tattoo of Rex’s wife in the Sanchize jersey was just a perfect symbol of Rex’s time with the Jets. It’s was weird, it was arrogant, it was stupid, it was surprisingly sexy, but it was Rex. So when he got the tattoo changed to his wife posing in Bills blue it brought a little tear to my eye. Rex was the coach of my whole teenage years, my coming of age as a football fan, so seeing him move like this stings a little bit. I’ll always love Sexy Rexy, even when his wife is on his arm wearing a Bills jersey


BTW- This hurts me, I can only imagine how much this kills Rex


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