Bobby Ojeda leaves SNY after 6 years

New York Post—Bob Ojeda won’t be returning to the Mets’ pregame and postgame studio shows on SNY, an industry source confirmed Thursday.

The outspoken former pitcher was seeking a raise in new contract negotiations. A source called the gap “not substantial,” but the two sides failed to reach agreement.

Ojeda, who earned a World Series ring pitching for the 1986 Mets, spent the last six seasons in the SNY studio. A source called the split “amicable,” and Ojeda is expected to pursue other broadcasting opportunities.


Oh man, this some really crappy news. Bobby O was one hell of an analyst and was great with SNY. I believe beyond any doubt that the Mets baseball broadcasts top that of any other teams in baseball and Bobby was a big part of that. First we lose Kevin Burkhardt to Fox this year and now we lose Ojeda, this is going to be a much different looking broadcast.

The great thing about Bobby Ojeda was that he was a perfect analyst for the Mets. He was a fan favorite, being a pitcher for the ’86 team, he was a good pitcher, a very knowledgable one who not only knew about pitching but all aspects of the game and he wasn’t just a Mets homer. He wasn’t afraid to dig into the Mets after a bad loss and he wasn’t willing to let things slide after a win. It was great watching post games because you always felt like you were learning something from Bobby. He’ll get scooped up by another broadcasting affiliate in a second because he’s just that good. I wish you all the best Bobby.


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