The Knicks Have to Stop Winning These Games

On a night where Future Patrick Ewing, Jalil Okafor, Was grabbing 14 rebounds and scoring 20 points in a loss to Notre Dame, the Knicks had to do something that they have been really sucking at lately…..losing.

I mean, this is pretty much the same exact team that had a 13 game losing streak not even one month ago and now I’m seriously concerned that they actually think that people want them to win games. That’s not what we want. We want you guy to stay in every game, make it interesting, and blow it. Ya know, the Knicks way. But these guys are actually trying to win these games and it’s pissing me off.

Ok, like I  get it that you guys are “playing for future jobs” and are “competitive” and “want to win every game” but just slow your roles a little bit. Like Langston Galloway has to slow the fuck down. Phil has to go up to him in the locker room, sit him down and hit him on the nose with a newspaper. WE ARE NOT TRYING TO WIN. Lance Thomas, yes LANCE THOMAS had 17 points last night. Langston Galloway had 18. I get that when you’re on a crappy team somebody has to score but seriously guys, just stop. Lose for me one time please. I’m begging you. The NBA will only fix this lottery if the Knicks are #1 mayyyybe #2, but if you keep winning like this, it ain’t gonna work.

It’s time to sack up and start shaving some points off the board. We’ve either gotta cut Galloway or somebody has to kill him. This will not be a successfully unsuccessful season if we keep trying to do this whole winning thing. Unless we’re just so bad at losing that we keep winning the games in which case we have to go back to that whole trying to win games but looking like a third grade team in the process.

Lose more for Okafor.


2 thoughts on “The Knicks Have to Stop Winning These Games

  1. it’s all good melo will be sitting after the all star break and the knicks will be fine. by fine i mean they will have the worst record in the league

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