One Minute Sports Definative Guide to how to Survive this Winter Storm Juno

First of all, I hope everybody out there is actually trying to stock up on food, flashlights, water, etc in preparation for the next few days. While the rest of this blog will be mostly fun, the most important thing is staying safe. Because if you die, that’s one less person who will buy our shirts (now for sale).

Anyway, stay warm and try and follow these steps on how to get through this snowstorm.

1) Drink to stay warm


It doesn’t take a genius to see classes will be cancelled tomorrow. So what are you gonna do? Sit and wait for Wednesday, maybe even Thursday??? No, what you’ve gotta to is have a nice case of Bud Light, because nothing keeps you entertained and warm like beer. It’s science. All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. Don’t fall victim to isolation or this could be you come Wednesday or Thursday


2) Find a TV. If you do not own a TV find somebody who does and go to that place

Being trapped in a house or a dorm with people can be fun at first. You’re laughing, you’re talking, you’re having a grand ‘ol time. But then you’re gonna hit that point where you are going to hate everything about all the people you’re with. It’s something about being trapped that does that. So what’s the solution (besides alcohol)? Television. Television makes everybody just stop thinking about how much they wanna kill each other and you just watch whatever’s on. You’d be surprised, there are some GREAT shows on in the middle of the day.

3) Play games

If you’re into scrabble play some scrabble, if you’re into pong play pong, if you wanna play madden or fifa or something like that, do it. Or, make you’re own game, comebine every element of everygame you love and play it. See Chardee Macdennis to explain

4) Read One Minute Sports Blog

New-York sports teams (1)

So you’ve now watched you’re TV, you’ve drank your beer and you’ve played your games. Now what? Well lucky you, I employ 5 writers who’s sole duty is to write blogs on blogs on blogs just for occasions like this one. We’ve got a library in this website, start poking round. Which leads me to Survival technique #5……

5) Buy a One Minute Sports Shirt

How will this help, you ask? Uh well let’s see, on: it’s a long sleeve shirt, to keep you warm. Boom. Oh you want another reason, let’s say your out of firewood and need to make a fire, what are you gunna burn? A nice 100% cotton long sleeve Minuteman shirt. Really it’s being irresponsible if you don’t buy a shirt at this point. God’s throwing you a lifeline and you’re just saying “nah I don’t want your shirt that’ll save my life”.



So there ya have it, 4 easy steps to have a nice relaxing eventful 2-3 days of complete isolation from the outside world. Beer, TV, Games, blogs and shirts. Surival 101 right there. Just like the Boy Scouts teach it. You’re welcome.


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