Official One Minute Sports Shirts!!!

Ok, so we’ve been doing this blog for like 7 or 8 months now, slaving our asses off for you people. And doing a]it all for free! So, I figured it’s time we start making some money off you suckers. I designed a shirt that exemplifies everything that One Minute Sports is about. We are all minutemen. You, me, baca, grover, nicky, collin, we are all minutemen. We have a very loyal fanbase. Now, to be fair, that fan base is small, but it’s there. So, if you think the shirt is cool (and it is) comment below or tweet at me @Trojan_Condon or just in any way reach out and I’ll send the order in.

Time to start getting rich y’all. More $=more content. It’s simple math. Buy a shirt from me. Pay for my textbooks.

Steve came up with the idea for minutemen


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