Deflate-gate is kinda dumb, but I LOVE everybody trolling the Patriots fans

In the end, this whole deflate gate thing is kind of stupid. Did the Patriots knowingly cheat? Yea they did, no matter what they tell you. You don’t make a mistake with 11 out of 12 balls. But does it really matter? Not at all. Everybody who knows anything about playing football is saying there’s really no way they’d be able to tell the 2 pound per square inch or whatever the measurement is for this scandal. This really just gets chalked up to being an extremely well timed story coming when there is a 2 week layoff leading up to the biggest football game on the planet. So even if the story doesn’t really affect the game itself, it’s at least something worth covering. What is awesome though is all the people coming out in troll city to rip the Patriots a new asshole.

I  saw this sign earlier today on the internet. Pure Gold

Then there was White House secretary totally owning brady in his press conference:

Even Sesame Street was getting in on the action. Their word of the day on Friday morning….Inflate. The episode originally aired in 2013 but was totally a strategically placed move my PBS. Good work by elmo on that one

Then of course you get Bill Walton’s hot take on the scandal. Hilarious.

SNL is going to be must see TV tonight

The internet is a wonderful wonderful place and I thank god every day for it. It has made this pukefest of a Superbowl into an absolute joke and I’m loving every minute of it. Instead of the Pats getting 2 weeks of gloating their asses of once again that they’re probably the best team in football, the internet has done what it does best and taken them for the ride of their life.

Viva la internet.



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