Jets Introduce Todd Bowles as Head Coach

Big news today out of Jets nation was that Todd Bowles was officially named Head Coach of the Jets. We can all breath easy now that he got through the presser without resigning as HC of the NYJ. They also introduced Mike Maccagnan but I wanna talk about Todd. Here’s the skinny on what went down

  • Bowles talked about how excited he is to be the Jets coach and how grateful he is and yada yada yada
  • When asked about Geno Smith, he called him a great college quarterback. He said that he can’t really speak about Geno right now but once they get all their coaches set he wants to go through every player up and down the roster. Basically he’s saying Geno’s fucked once they find somebody who can play QB, but for now I’m stuck with him so I’m gonna go ahead and dance around this question
  • When asked about how he will handle the defense he he’s going to have a big hand in how the defense works. He didn’t exactly say that he was going to call the plays but he sorta implied it. Bowles, like Rex is a defensive wizard. There’s no way our defense is going to take a hit under Todd.
  • Bowles repeated over and over again that he’s going to be leaning on his assistants and coordinators and always asking for help because of his inexperience. I think that’s the smartest thing that he can do. A head coach’s job is to get the most out of his team. It’s not to be a specialist in one area and hand off complete control everywhere else. That was our problem under Rex, he took over the defense and left everything else to his assistants.
  • Bowles sounds like he’s going to be overseeing all the operations, not just working in once arena. You don’t see the CEO of McDonalds killing cows do you? It’s all about management. Get the right players, get the right coaches and you keep everybody doing their jobs. That’s called creating a change in culture, which is exactly what Bowles is doing for the Jets.

My first impression of Bowles now that I finally got to hear him speak about his plans for the Jets going forward is that I’m IN LOVE with the guy. He just seems like a perfect fit. He was born less than an hour away from the stadium, his first job in the NFL was with the Jets and he just seems like he knows what he wants this team to look like. He said it himself, he doesn’t care about anything else except scoring one more point than the other team. That’s a head coaches mindset. I love Rex to death, but Rex’s focus was always on being the best defense in the league, he thought wins would always follow that. It didn’t, so we’ll see how Toddy-B handles things.

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