Seahawks vs Patriots in Super bowl 49. Yuck

I haven’t seen a more disgusting looking super bowl since the Giants played the Pats in ’07 and 4 years ago. It’s a no win situation. I HATE the Seattle Seahawks fans. That whole 12th man bullshit really just cuts me to the core.

Then obviously there’s the Patriots. As a Jets fan I can’t even express how much I hate that the Patriots are going to win another Super Bowl. I could’ve written this blog last week once the games went final but I decided to wait until now just in case (that really worked out). But the Packers made it interesting before choking like they’ve never choked before. It was the fucking worst. But the writing was on the wall, they couldn’t put the ball in the end zone all day and it was only a matter of time before Russell Wilson stopped turning the ball over. But seriously, what was up with Russ throwing 4 picks today? Whatever, it was totally worth it so that we could see him cry like a baby who’s binkey you just took

Then there was the god damn New England Patriots. I knew that they were going to win. Every bone in my body told me that this game was over before it started. But there’s was still some part of me that thought back to 2010 when Rex’s crew came into foxborough and stomped on Brady and co. because the Pats completely looked past them. I thought maybe that would be the case with this. I thought maybe Andrew Luck really did have some trick up his sleeve that I just had never seen. I was sooooooooo wrong. As I’m writing this blog the score is 38-7 about to be 45-7 probably. It just hurts me how good the Patriots are. It causes me physical and mental anguish to watch this game. I don’t know how I’m gonna do this Super Bowl. It’s going to suck. There’s going to be constant blog material and I’m gonna have to sit here and write like a little bitch. I’m gonna have to write about every stupid story about Tom Brady that comes out, I’m gonna have to write preview blogs and all that shit. Fuck the Pats.

Whatever, I’m just gonna get blackout drunk for the Super Bowl and tweet and blog out gibberish. Maybe that’s what I’ll do that whole week. It probably won’t be that much different from the regular blogs I write…….

So in conclusion, fuck the Patriots, fuck the Seahawks, I hate the football gods. The sports gods hate me, they just want me to suffer. I hate sports, I hate having to blog about how good the patriots are. Fuck my life.


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