New York Mets Offseason Review:

Ok, so you’ve  probably been busy with football and basketball and hockey over the past few months and the Mets have probably the last thing that you’ve been thinking about. Well, you’re lucky to have me because here’s a crash course on everything Mets this offseason.

  1. We still don’t have a shortstop; Wilmer Flores is the most likely Opening Day Shortstop: There have been lots of rumors about our shortstop situation this offseason, but that’s really all that’s it’s been, rumors. Troy Tulowitzki has been dangled in front of us for months but it never becomes any thing. Starlin Castro was a pipe dream with the Cubs. However the real reason the Mets aren’t diving at all options is because Sandy likes Flores better than a lot of shortstops and to be honest so do I. It’s not popular opinion, but I think Flores is going to have a monster season. See my blog about Flores vs. other potential shortstops. He only batted .250 last season but he had 6 HR’s and his power is visable. Unless the Mets can get Tulowitzki it’s not worth giving up a kings ransom for somebody that won’t be that much of an upgrade over Wilmer Flores.
  2. We signed Michael Cuddeyer to a 2 year/ $21 million dollar deal to play Right Field: Michael Cuddeyer is potentially a lethal hitter out in right field. It’s not outside the realm of possibilities that he bats .330 and hits 25 HR’s. It’s also not outside the realm of possibilities to think that he only plays 50 games, battles injuries and only bats .260 and hits 6 HR’s. Now, he will most likely finish somewhere in between but what we got was a late 30s player who can’t really field but can really hit. He solidifies the middle of our lineup.
  3. We have like a million Starting Pitchers; We’re trying to trade a few of them: As of right now our rotation has 8 guys trying to fill 5 spots. We have Matt Harvey, Jacob deGrom, Zach Wheeler, Jon Niese, Dillon Gee and Bartolo Colon, with Noah Syndergaard and Rafael Montero trying to make the team in Spring training. Dillon Gee is the most likely pitcher to be traded, as his name has been thrown around all offseason long. There are many teams interested in Gee but Sandy is holding out for the right price. Odds are Gee won’t be with the Mets come Opening Day, but they also aren’t looking to just give him away for scraps. Bartolo Colon will be very tough to trade because his large contract so he’ll likely be traded in season around the trade deadline. Syndergaard probably won’t make the team out of camp, but he’ll be down in Vegas and he’ll come up once somebody either gets injured or they are able to move another pitcher
  4. We’ve been shopping Daniel Murphy all offseason long: The Murph Man was our only All-Star last year and has been our most consistent and reliable player over the past few years, but he doesn’t seem to be a shoe in to be a part of this teams future. Murphy will be 30 years old and just came to terms with the Mets on an $8 million deal to avoid arbitration. The Mets don’t want to give Murphy a long term deal but if they can work something out for like 3 years and under $30 million, there’s a chance Murphy will stay with the club. If not, the shopping of Murphy will continue. He was most recently a key part of the possible trade for Nationals shortstop Ian Desmond that fell through.

I know sometimes I come off as a delusional Mets fan, but this offseason has provided something different. It’s been the most eventful/non eventful break for the Mets in years. Sandy has been constantly trying to move pieces around and make the team better. So it’s not crazy to say that this is the most complete team that we’ve had since 2008. With the Braves, Phillies and Marlins all likely having down year, this is the Mets chance to do something special. We still have a few weeks until pitchers ad catchers report and a couple months until Opening Day, but it’s a good time to be a Mets fan.


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