Pretty Eventful 2 Minutes … Cardale Jones Back to OSU and Steve Spagnuolo Officially Hired as Giants D-Coordinator

Way too much just broke in a span of two minutes. Cardale Jones wants to be some sort of financial planner and go back to school. Yes, the guy who’s only shot at professional football is right before decides to go back to play some school. Remember, this guy! This guy wants to go back to school!


The press conference in it of itself was the most preposterous thing I’ve ever seen. The guy introducing him, “He brought us the Super Bowl of Football!” What?! What are you saying?! Jones rocking a 12-guage t-shirt and groufit. I’ve never seen anything like it. It was such an incredible power move. Cardale though, very well spoken my dude, I’m impressed.*

And then you had this jean-jacket-wearing-Snoop-Dog-looking fella in the back.

As for the Giants, I wrote yesterday Spags back was a done-deal. Became official right in the middle of Cardale’s presser, but it’s awesome to have him back. No one can motivate guys to their maximum potential like Steve Spagnuolo. Nobody.

*Cardale please God almighty transfer to Wisconsin I promise we won’t make you play school.


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