5 biggest snubs from the 2015 Acadamy Awards

So I’m a big movie guy. Every year I watch every best picture nomination and I watch a bunch of other Oscar nominated movies and then fill out a ballot (I’m gunna try and figure out how I can run a ballot on this site for people to fill out). So Oscar season is part of my favorite time of year. Football just ended so instead of having nothing to do with my life, I immediatly get into movie buff form. But there are always a few films that get a raw deal. Here are 5 films/actors/actresses that got the short end of the stick.

  1. Interstellar: Best Picture: I saw Interstellar and it was not only the best movie I’ve seen this year, but one of the best films I’ve seen in year. The visual effects were unbelievable (they got the nod), the story was so original (and super confusing). My boy Mcconaughey got dissed to, but I understand that. It was still an unbelievable movie that didn’t get recognized because it came out in early november.
  2. The Lego Movie: Best Picture/Animated Picture: Best Picture would’ve been a stretch but this was easily the best animated movie of the year. Everything is awesome has been stuck in my head since march. This movie got penalized because it came out like 10 months ago so the voters forgot how good it was. This movie was amazing and my little 8 year old bother has probably seen it 25 times since it came out. Snub city
  3. Gone Girl: Best Picture: Now, I didn’t see this one but everybody who I talked to said this movie was spectacular. It was a total mindfuck. The book was apparently unreal as well (I didn’t read it), but Ben Affleck didn’t get the love that he got for Argo 2 years ago. This was now the 3rd case of a movie getting killed bacause it came out in October. It sucks that a movie has to come out in late November or December to get a nomination
  4. Clint Eastwood/ Christopher Nolan: Director: American Sniper/ Interstellar: I’m seeing this one tomorrow and  I’m expected to be blown away (no pun intended). I was shocked when I saw that Eastwood didn’t get a nomination. If there’s one this the acadamy loves it’s Clint Eastwood, and when Sniper started getting these rave reviews I thought Clint was a shoe in. This is a weird year for the Acadamy. I don’t understand how Nolan didn’t get nominated. Did the Acadamy not watch interstellar? The way that Nolan was able to create such a visual masterpiece while managing a star studded cast and an amazingly complex storyline at least should get him a nomination. This is why the Acadamy is stupid. Nolan and Eastwood should be the frontrunners, but instead they’re left out once again.
  5. Foxcatcher: Best Picture: This movie earned 8 nominations this morning including best director (Bennet Miller), Best Actor (Steve Carrell), and best supporting actor (Mark Ruffalo), so it’s actually pretty nuts that Foxcatcher didn’t get nominated. This is another movie that I havn’t yet seen but I’m very interested to. Steve Carrell has really diversified himself and is now coming into his own as a respected dramatic actor. It was hard, but he did it (that’s what she said).

Other Snubs: Jennifer Anniston, Best Actress, Cake, David Oelowo, best actor, Selma, Ava DuVernay, best director, Selma, Jake Gyllenhall, best actor, Nightcrawler,


In about a week or so I’ll put together a list of the movies that you must see before Oscar night and I’ll try and figure out how we can maybe get an online ballot through 1 minute sports. It’s officially  Oscar season! Time to kick it on your couch or bed over the next few weeks and binge watch movie after movie. It’s the most wonderful time of the year.


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