Sheldon Richardson get the nod to play in the Pro Bowl, Geno still snubbed

ESPN NEW YORK–Sheldon Richardson, bitterly disappointed he wasn’t voted to the Pro Bowl, will get a chance to play with the NFL’s elite. The New York Jets defensive tackle was named Wednesday to replace Gerald McCoy of theTampa Bay Buccaneers. McCoy had to back out because of a knee injury that landed him on injured reserve last month. Richardson was listed as an alternate, so now he gets to participate in the Jan. 25 game in Glendale, Arizona. Richardson and center Nick Mangold are the only Jets in the Pro Bowl, as of now.


I’m not really sure how I feel about this. On one hand I’m super happy for Sheldon Richardson. He 100% deserved it, more than anybody else on this team and more than any other D lineman in the league. He’s also probably going to make a good amount of money off of bonus’s and stuff so good for him. On the other hand it kind of sucks that he had to get in this way. Richardson is an elite lineman. Easily one of the best in the NFL. He should’ve been voted in a few weeks ago, not thrown in because of replacements. It just feels like kind of a backhanded complement. Like, “hey Sheldon you’re in! But you’re not as good as these other guys…”. This is going to be Sheldon’s first of many pro bowls so whatever, at least he’ll get to soak up some sun, put on a Jets jersey again and play against the NFL’s elite. Knowing Sheldon, he might have 10 sacks in the game. The guy goes 150% all the time. He’s not going half assed like all of the other players.


BTW- Geno snubbed again?!?!?!?! Did you see that game against the Dolphins? Pro Bowl flashes people!!!



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