We’re on to Boston….


Well that sucked. Whatever, I’m over it. Sure, I was hyped for this matchup, this was the most pumped I was for a regular season game this year. But in the end that’s all it really is, a regular season game. I came in to this game screaming from the mountain tops “We’re the best team in hockey!” “Nobody can beat us right now”. I was wrong. I didn’t underestimate the Islanders, they’re a very, very good team, maybe the best in hockey, so it would’ve been nice to get this win. But again, it’s just one game. We still have 2 games in hand on the Islanders so I’m not freaking out. It was a bad loss, that’s all. We played a great 1st period, came out flat in the 2nd period and just couldn’t get anything going in the 3rd, that’s all. You can’t let that haunt you as a team, especially with the big matchup against the Bruins in 2 days.

We’re on to Boston


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