Jets hire Todd Bowles as head coach

It’s official the Todd Bowles era is here. Shefty said it

Todd Bowles becomes the 18th coach in Jets history, following Rex Ryan who took the job up in Buffalo a few days ago. So what should we think of Todd Bowles? Bowles comes from Arizona where he was the Defensive coordinator, and Arizona had the best defense in the league. Impressive, impressive. Defense was Rex’s specialty. Bowles is an extremely experienced, spending time as a player, assistant coach and talent evaluator. Bowles experience with all of this is probably what gave him the edge over Dan Quinn. The Jets defense won’t suffer with Bowles as the coach, in fact the new voice and some new schemes will probably give the D a little kickstart. It’ll be interesting to see who Bowles brings in as offensive coordinator. Bowles is a more well rounded coach than Rex was, Bowles won’t stay completely away from the offensive side of the ball, but as a defensive head coach, hiring a good offensive coordinator is a must. Two names that have popped up are Chan Gaily and Kyle Shanahan.

In the end I like this hire. We needed a new voice in the locker room. Todd Bowles seems like a guy who is enough of a players coach that he will never lose his team and enough of a authority figure to change the culture. The only thing that concerns me is that I’m not really positive that this is an upgrade over Rex. We hire yet another coach with no previous head coaching experience, a defensive coordinator who at best is as of a defensive mind as Rex. We still don’t have an offensive coordinator and now with the defensive head coach we’re still not addressing the offensive side of the ball. Now I’m not saying that just because Bowles was a Defensive Coordinator that the offense automatically will suck. Bill Belichick was a defensive coordinator. But what we have to do now is put the right team in place. Today was a busy day in Florham Park, we hired our new GM and Head Coach, so now we have to fill the rest of the holes in our team. We still don’t have a franchise QB, we still have a swiss cheese secondary, we still have big contract decisions to make with David Harris, Muhammad Wilkerson and Percy Harvin. We have $40 million plus in cap space to spend and the number 6 pick in the draft.

Get ready for the Maccganan/Bowles era bitches.


BTW- Todd Bowles, unlike Mike Maccganan, actually has a wikipedia so I like him already


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