Jets hire Maccagnan as GM. Surprise absolutely nobody.

I wish I had written out a blog that I could’ve just scheduled to throw out once Woody finally hired Maccagnan, because this was one of the worst kept secrets in the NFL. Woody was giddy with a schoolgirl crush on Maccagnan after he interviewed him for the first time. I don’t wanna go into a whole blog about this right now because Rangers and Isles is on so I’ll give you my condensed opinion

  1. This is an upgrade over idzik, although a half retarted chimp would’ve been an upgrade over Idzik
  2. I don’t like this move one bit. To have sustained success in the NFL you need to be succesful in the draft and there’s no evidence that Maccagnan has been able to do that in Houston
  3. He’s a by the book, non headline grabbing guy. He stayes out of yhe spotlight, which is good. The GM should be out of sight and out of mind.
  4. I don’t like how Maccagnan doesn’t have a wikipedia page. It kinda freaks me out
  5. This isn’t a win now move. Maccagnan is probably going to want to stick with Geno instead of trading up in the draft or making any blockbuster moves. Don’t expect to buy a Wiston, Mariota or Cutler jersey.

Now on to the hockey game.


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