Meet Mike Maccagnan: The frontrunner for the Jets GM Job

ESPN New York—The New York Jets have a front-runner in their search for a new general manager — Mike Maccagnan, the Houston Texans‘ director of college scouting.Maccagnan, who interviewed Monday for the position, was invited back for a second meeting with team officials, ESPN NFL Insider Adam Schefter reported Thursday. Maccagnan becomes the first candidate to receive a second interview. The Jets must be impressed with Maccagnan because they wasted little time in extending the second invite. In fact, they reached out Wednesday morning, less than 48 hours after the first interview. The second will take place Friday.


First of all I have a few things to say before we get to meet Maccagnan. 1) This is classic Jets, getting a huge boner for a super under qualified candidate because he had a good interview 2) The Jets totally ignored the 3 day rule. You never EVER call somebody back to set up a second date before 3 days have passed. Woody Johnson is coming on way too strong and is going to get his heart broken. Don’t break the 3 day rule Woody, just don’t do it.

So here we go, let’s meet Mike Maccagnan, future former GM of the New York Jets

BTW- Dude doesn’t even have a Wikipedia page for himself. Bro, come on, your making me do actual research? I already don’t like you. Plus you kinda look like a pedofile

Name: Michael Maccagnan

Age: 40-55 years old???

Job: Texans Director of College Scouting

Notable Texans Picks under Maccagnan: Jadaveon Clowney, DeAndre Hopkins

That’s all I’ve got. This guy is a ghost. I can’t find anything on him. He’s actually starting to freak me out a little bit. He’s straight up off the grid. I joked above that I thought he looked like a pedofile but now that I can’t find anything on him previous to 2012 I’m legit starting to think he was in jail during that time.

I found out that he joined the Texans in 2012, the year after the Texans drafted JJ Watt, so I went to all of their drafts since then, and they’ve kinda sucked. I counted 27 picks in 3 years and there are 2 guys who are difference makers in the NFL right now. My gut is telling me that Maccagnan isn’t the guy who will lead us to the promise land. I want a guy who I know existed before 2012. Apparently he has ties to Charley Casserley, who is running the GM search for the Jets, so that’s who we’re going to hire I guess. A GM who get’s his job because he’s buddies with the guy interviewing him. Is it fair? Not at all. But is that how the world works? 100%. Casserly said to Woody that Maccagnan is his guy, Woody hires him, and then we get set back another 5 years buy a guy who doesn’t know how to draft. Maccagnan is friendly with Doug Marrone who Woody has a huge boner for, so Maccagnan hires Marrone and we go 6-10 next year. I can see the future of the Jets organization. Sorry.



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