Mike Piazza snubbed yet again as the the Hall of Fame class of 2015 gets revealed


That’s all Mike Piazza would’ve needed in order to become a member of the Hall of Fame class of 2015, yet for some god foresaken reason, the nerdy baseball writers of America couldn’t find a way to put him in. Mike Piazza is the best hitting catcher in the history of baseball. But for some reason he has gone 3 ballots now without his name on them.

This system is completely flawed. The fact the baseball writers are the only ones who get to vote is ridiculous. There are so many other areas of baseball expertise that are being ignored because these nerds are being granted full autonomy as to who gets into the Hall of Fame. There are no ex-managers, no ex-umpires, ex-players, executives, owners or fans who have any say as to who the best players of all time are. This is what you get when you give these writers control. It’s revenge of the nerds. They get to choose the players they liked and players who were jerks to them. One thing that Bagwell and Piazza had in common? They were huuuuge jerks. But that doesn’t mean they weren’t some of the best to ever play the game.

Give me some diversity on the ballot. Let’s gives fans a ballot, a lot like the All Star game where we choose who we want in the hall and we count it as one vote. Let’s get some people from the steroid era to vote. They would almost certainly have different perspectives on how voting should be done. And take this 5 person limit off the ballot please. Just look at this year for example. I count at least 9 people that could’ve gone in. It’s crazy to say that there are only so many great players per year.

The fact that Mike Piazza has to sit and wait another year to see if he gets the call is just unfathomable. He hit 427 HR’s, drove in over 1,200 RBI, was a lifetime .308 hitter, was the rookie of the year, a 12 time all star, won 10 silver sluggers, brought the Mets to World Series in 2000 and is pretty much my hero. He wrote one hell of an autobiography and is married to a former playboy model. If that doesn’t count for anything than I don’t know what does. Piazza will make it to the hall one day. Whether it be next year or the year after that or the year after that. But he’ll make it. There’s no denying the fact that Mike Piazza was one of the best to ever step foot on a baseball field.


BTW- Oh yea, and such a classy move by Piazza with this tweet. Can you be a more gracious person? I doubt it.


BTW II- Chills.




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