The Knicks Just Blew Up Their Team

What’s this? A Knicks blog? Yeah but whatever. We will forever remember the night of January 5, 2015. The day the Knicks literally took dynamite to whatever is left of this miserable roster and BLEW IT UP! They’re dead! The Knicks are dead!

J.R. Smith and Iman Shumpert will win an Eastern Conference Championship this season with the Cavs, part of a three-team deal including former Syracuse guard Dion Waiters heading to the OKC Thunder. What do the Knicks get in return? Three guys they plan on immediately waiving and a future second-round pick.

So that’s it. The tank is officially on, declared by the front office as of Jan. 5 2015. Let us never forget this moment. Let us never forget this empty feeling that the best hairdo and the most preposterous NBA player are gone. Let us never forget that we literally traded money away for a championship to come.

In Phil We Trust.

phil jackson zen master

Bring on Jahlil.

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