So how about those Mcconaughey commercials coming in hot during the Sugar Bowl on Thursday Night?

I know this is yesterday’s news, but I’m just getting back from my 1 minute sports vacation so I never got to blog about new slew of Matthw Mcconaughey Lincoln Commercials. If you’ve been reading the blog for a while you know that I’m a HUGE Mcconaughey fan. I consider him something of a mentor. So when I was watching the Ohio St, Alabama game on Thursday night and saw big Mac on the television during a 4th quarter commercial, I went bonkers. I starting lighting up twitter leading to my incredible conversation with Kevin Burkhardt (see below). So, I decided to ask my loyal readers to pick their favorite one of the night. Watch and vote below:

The original:

huggin trees:

I just liked it:

Here we go:

I speak bull:

This last one sparked a conversation between yours truly and one Kevin Burkhart. Two great sports spinds of this generation, sharing their opinions on Mcconaughey.

which got baca all jealous:

and when kevin gave Chris a shout out back, he went all stalker, pulling out a picture of the 3 of us from like 6 years ago.

In summation, we almost hooked Kevin Burkhardt to be a friend of one minute sports, but we came on a little strong. Gave kind of a stalker-ish vibe. Anyway, vote for which Mcconaughey commercial was your favorite below:




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