Here are all of the Jets upcoming 2015 free agents. Who should they bring back? Who should they dump? (Reader Poll)

Well, this is what it’s like to be a Jets fan. Everybody is talking playoffs, and Super Bowls, games in January….I’m talking about who our free agents are going to be. So, because we’re without a GM or Coach or any personell at this time I figured I let the fans decide who we bring back. Without further adieu, your 2015 New York Jets Free Agents


Phillip Adams, CB, Nick Bellore, LB, Willie Colon, G, John Conner, FB, Jermaine Cunningham, LB, Leger Douzable, DE, Kenrick Ellis, DT, David Harris, LB, Ben Ijalana, OT, Dawan Landry, S, Bilal Powell, RB, Tanner Purdum, LS, Greg Salas, WR, Michael Vick, QB, Kyle Wilson, CB


Damon Harrison, NT,Jaiquawn Jarrett, S

We don’t have many high profile Unrestricted or Restricted free agents, only really David Harris, so we’re not going to have to get into a bidding war with anybody. What we have is a bunch of guys who could be good role players who were forced to be starters because of Idzik’s bargain hunting. We found some gems, but overall it’s a lot of duds. So let’s go person by person.

Philip Adams:

Phillip Adams

Fake Revis. Wore #24, but didn’t exactly play like it. Got burned time and time again. He played well on special teams though and is worth taking a flyer on as long as he doesn’t have to guard top receivers.

Odawgs pick: re-sign him

Nick Bellore:

Recorded 15 tackles in 2014. We’re going to need depth at linebacker in case we can’t re-sign David Harris. Belore is very valuable however on the special teams side of the ball, as he’s been able to secure a spot there since being drafted in 2011. He’ll probably make around 1.5 million like he did for us last year. Worth it for a role guy like him.

Odawgs pick: re-sign him

Willie Colon:

NFL: New York Jets-Training Camp

Ugh. What can I say about Colon. Other than the fact that he was good for at least one holding call a game and at least one sack per game. He was part of the reason our entire line was a laughingstock. It’s why Geno never had more than two seconds to throw the ball. Get out of my town Willie Colon.

Odawgs pick: Send him packin’

John Connor:

The Terminator! He’s actually kind of a crappy fullback but when he lays a block he hits HARD. Gotta keep around the terminator.

Odawgs pick: Re-sign him

Jermaine Cunningham

Nothing to say about Cunningham. Never saw him play. See ya.

Odawgs pick: Send him packin’

Leger Douzable

Added depth on the defensive line. Provided 25 tackles and 2.5 sacks. Filled in for Mo’ when he was out. Let’s keep this guy around. He’s one of the good one’s

Odawgs pick: Re-sign him

Kenrick Ellis

This boy has been on the team for 4 years and has 1 say and 50 tackles. He’s got all the size and potential, he just can’t put it together. I’d look for a younger defensive tackle later in the draft to replace Ellis.

Odawgs pick: Send him packin’

David Harris

He’s been the heart and soul of our defense for 8 seasons. He’s the longest tenured Jets and he’s still one of the most dominant players on the team. He has 124 tackles and 5.5 sacks this past year. The only scary thing is that he’s 30 years old and giving him a big contract could be risky. At the right price, bring back David Harris.

Odawgs pick: Re-sign him

Ben Ijalana

He spent most of his first 2 seasons on injured reserve. He deserves a shot in training camp next year to try and compete with somebody at guard. Especially since we have to start over with the offensive line

Odawgs pick: Re-sign him

Dawan Landry

The hard hitting brother of ex-Jet Laron Landry was very good for us this year. He was supposed to be a placeholder for the first round pick Calvin Pryor, but Pryor could never put it together. Why not bring Landry?

Odawgs pick: Re-sign him

Bilal Powell

Bilal Powell

Bilal Powell might be the most underrated player on the Jets. He makes things happens when he’s called on. He’s averaged 4+ yards per carry the last 3 seasons and has rushed for over 1,000 yards for his career despite being the 3rd string back for much of that time. He deserves a new contract and an increased role this season

Odawgs pick: Re-sign him

 Tanner Purdum

Long Snapper. I don’t know any other long snappers. Tanner seems to be doing a good job. Let’s bring him back I guess.

Odawgs Pick: Re-sign him

Greg Salas

He stepped up early in the season when decker and Kerley were both hurt. He’s a good option at 4th reciever and he’s super effective on special teams. Bring back the salad bar.

Odawgs pick: Re-sign him

Michael Vick

Nope. It turns out it wasn’t a good idea for him to come to New York after all. We may not be able to get rid of Geno because of his contract, but we’d be wise to stay away from Vick. We need a total overhall in terms of Quarterbacks, and that includes Vick.

Odawgs pick: Send him packin’

Kyle Wilson

Get out of my face Kyle Wilson. I’ve been waiting to see you go for YEARS. How many defensive holdings or pass interferences or unsportsmanlike conducts did you cost us over the years? Way to many. The sooner we can admit that Kyle Wilson was an unmitigated disaster, the sooner we can begin to forget about him

Odawgs pick: Send him packin’

Damon Harrison

55 tackles and a sack last year don’t lie. This dude can play. Was he a product of Rex’s defense? Maybe, but he’s worth a look. He provides great change of pace for when we give Richardson or Wilkerson a break.

Odawgs pick: Re-sign him

Jaiquawn Jarrett

Another guy who’s production speaks for itself. 41 tackles and 1 1/2 sacks. He split time at free safety. He’s not an unrestricted free agent, so we won’t have to pay him much. Let’s bring him back.

Odawgs pick: Re-sign him

Heed my advice future coach/GM of the Jets. We’ve got a lot of talent. It’s about trimming the fat and adding some nice pieces in and we’ll be a very good team.


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