Rest In Peace Stuart Scott

2014 ESPY Speech

Awful news to wake up to. Stuart Scott lost his battle with cancer after seven courageous years. I had no idea he was that sick for so long. He still showed up on set and delivered masterful work. He was everything that 1minsports embodies. Quick, Funny. Informative. Except he actually did it.


For those of you anything like the guys who run this site, you sat in your basement for hours on end watching the same exact Sportscenter on a loop. And that’s why this loss hurts us, even though the majority of the world has never even been in the same building as Stuart. He entered our homes and made us feel like we were on the corner with our friends talking about the game with his slang. His “BOOYAH” was everything. Today, we lost more than an anchor and reporter, we lost a friend, because that’s how good he was at his job. He captivated you, and made you feel like it was just you and him in the room.

So yes, we lost an icon this morning. But it’s up to us to never forget his legacy and his memory, and to never, ever give up.

ESPN Tribute:

Touching Rich Eisen tribute:


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