The Official List of the Top 5 Movie Santa’s

It’s Christmas Eve, so that means that later tonight the big man is going to be sliding down everybody’s chimney’s, eating our cookies and leaving presents under our trees (pleease Xbox one, pleeeease Xbox one). So you’ve probably been drowned in Santa’s over the past month. With Christmas movies playing non-stop on ABC Family and whatnot. So I had an idea. Let’s rank the top 10 movie Santa’s. Then I thought hmm I don’t know 10 movie santa’s, so I lowered the list to 5! Has it been done? Yea probably. A quick Google search will prove that. But I’m not going for the lists with just the classic santa’s. This is the same reason that my favorite christmas movies aren’t the classic ones. Christmas Vacation? A Christmas Story? Those movies suck. Your a liar if you were born past 1990 and one of those is your favorite movie. So here we go, the official new list of all the best Santa’s that cinema has to offer.


5) Paul Giamatti- Fred Claus

Fred Claus

Santa has a younger brother? Who knew. As an older brother myself I can tell you first hand that Paul Giamatti’s Santa is spot on in this movie. Nobody wants their younger brother annoying them when you’re busy. I just yelled at my little brother because he was playing basketball in his room while I was trying to write this blog. Anyway, Vince Vaughn plays Fred Claus, Santa’s troublemaking little brother who has to move up to the north pole for the holidays, however this is a bad time for Santa because Santa is being audited by an efficiency exert (Kevin Spacey) who wants to take down the north pole. Hilarity ensues.

4) Ed Asner- Elf


Such a great Santa. Buddy crawls into Santa’s sack (that sounds dirty but it’s not I promise) and Santa gives him off to Papa Elf because he’s got a soft spot for babies. Ed Asner played the picturesque Santa. He makes him a wise, funny, charming old man(and the beard is perfect). Sure, most of the movie Will Ferrell steals the show, but Ed Asner played a great supporting role, and an awesome Santa.

3) Tom Hanks- Polar Express


Polar Express is hands down one of my favorite Christmas movies. Tom Hanks is just brilliant. He plays something like six characters in the movie, and his animated Santa is so great. “Remember, the true spirit of Christmas lies in your heart”. Life lesson’s by Tom Hanks

2) Billy Bob Thorton- Bad Santa


Sometimes there are roles that an actor was born to play. Insert Billy Bob as Bad Santa. The deadbeat drunk who works as a mall Santa and then robs the mall’s on Christmas Eve. Some people watch It’s a Wonderful life on Christmas Eve. Not me, I turn on Comedy Central where they show this every year at like 10:00 or midnight. It’s a Christmas tradition worth checking out.

1) Tim Allen- The Santa Clause


Hands down the best movie Santa there ever has been or ever will be. Like I said about Billy Bob Thorton as Bad Santa, sometimes an actor was born to play a role. Tim Allen was born to be Santa. If you’ve never seen The Santa Clause then stop reading this blog right now and go find it. If you haven’t watched it so far in this holiday season, get on that ASAP.




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