Tulo watch is back!!!

ESPNNEWYORK — The Mets and Rockies have engaged in some talks this offseason regarding Troy Tulowitzki, but a well-placed source told ESPNNewYork.com the chances of something ever materializing are five percent at best.

No talks are believed to have been overly recent. And an insider said the Mets fans clamoring for a Tulo acquisition would go “bat s—” if they knew the package the Rockies wanted for Tulowitzki.

The comment came in response to a CBSSports.com report about dialogue between the Mets and Rockies. That report acknowledged the chances of a trade between the clubs involving Tulowitzki were “slim.”


So you’re saying there’s a chance!

I don’t know why Sandy won’t just give us a definative answer of Tulo. I mean, first you say we’re in, then you say we’re out, then we’re in again but there’s a 5% chance? Make up your damn mind Sandy. Either the price is too high for Tulowitzki or it isn’t. We know what we’re willing to give up for him. Syndergaard,Wheeler,Flores and Gee. Anything more and we’re out, anything less, pull the trigger. It’s not that hard. You’ve been in contact since July,¬†get something done. Our last weakness we need to fill is at shortstop. After that we have a rock solid rotation, a rock solid lineup and we’re ready to make a run at the NL East. Without a shortstop then we’re stuck with a mediocre team. A low to mid 80 win team that won’t ever be real threats to make the postseason. Let’s get this done Sandy, this is the type of move that either gets a GM fired or can make a team a contender for years. You ever play Russian Roulette Sandy? Time to spin the cylinder.

Let’s get Tulo.


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