Yanks are out of the Scherzer sweepstakes- a rare Yankees blog by Odawg


What’s this? Is Odawg writing a Yankees blog??? What is happening? Is it opposite day. Is it the end of days? Why is he doing this?

Well here’s why, because I get to write about how the Yankees are going to SUCK next year.

Scherzer was the Yankees only hope. The bombers hadn’t had a great offseason do date. Missing out on the Lester sweepstakes. Not grabbing any big bats. Not addressing any of the major needs they had. The biggest thing they’ve done so far is lock up Chase Headly, which hardly falls into the category of big splash. Right now the Yankees are a last place team in the AL East and there’s no logical argument to say otherwise. The Yankees needed Scherzer. They needed a top of the rotation guy. Tanaka is one gyroball away from tommy john and after that their rotation is pretty much trash. I have no clue what the Yankees plan was this offseason. They clearly weren’t getting better, which in baseball drops you out of contention before the season even starts. They signed a .243 lifetime hitter in gregorius to replace a .250 hitter in Derek Jeter. They get A-rod back, so basically they’re fucked on that front.

It’s actually pretty fun, looking at a New York baseball team in shambles, up to it’s neck in shitty contracts and have it not be the Mets. I know delusional Yankee fans will think that they’ll just buy their way out of this hole, but that’s not going to happen. Those days are over. They’re done. Steinbrenner and Cashman aren’t living that big contract lifestyle anymore. And the Yanks don’t any any promising prospects coming up either that will set the world on fire, which puts them in baseball limbo. Not good enough to make the postseason, not bad enough to realize they need to tear down everything and start rebuilding. They have to please the delusional Yankees fanbase who have unrealistic expectations every season which keeps them from making any progress through rebuilding. The Yankees are where the Mets were in 2009. They still believe that they have what it takes to make the postseason and win a world series when in reality they are in the bottom half of teams in the MLB. Painful season after painful season coming to the Bronx.

And it feels so good to watch.




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