Chase Headley Resigns with the Yankees


Chase Headley resigned with the Yankees today for 4 years, $52 million. This was all-in-all a great deal for both sides. Not too many years, and not too much money for the Yankees. I’m sure there was more money and years out there for Headley (San Fran) but he genuinely likes playing for the Yankees so he probably opted for less to stay. This deal also solidifies the infield. Teixeira will be at first. Prado will be at second. Didi will be at short and Chase will be at third. This deal takes a lot of pressure off both Rob Refsnyder and Jose Pirela. If a third baseman wasn’t found, Pirela and Refsnyder would be battling it out in the spring for a starting job, which might have rushed their development process. A set infield will give both of them more time to ease into the role and grow further. Both of them can be used as infield and outfield utility players, playing anywhere they are really needed. As for A-Rod, he’s our DH, for now. He will probably play the field every once in a while depending on his status, but for right now he is the Yankees designated hitter.

I realize I didn’t write a follow-up blog on Robertson and McCarthy. Quick thoughts on McCarthy: Too many years and too much money for a guy who started out the season 3-10. No thank you. On Robertson: It is bittersweet to see him leave but I have so much confidence in Miller/ Betances. The Yankees also valued the compensation pick too much to keep Robertson. The Miller signing pretty much signaled the end of his tenure in the Bronx, as much as everyone wanted to believe otherwise. D-Rob is an excellent fit for the in Chicago on an up-and-coming team that bolstered greatly this off-season.

Next up: Scherzer.

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