The 11th and 10th Days of Christmas

So that lasted long, huh? I get it I skipped a day, but sometimes the blog world has to go on hold for things like finals. So here’s a combo blog, the 11th and 10th days of XMAS.

Sidenote before we start. Caught some flak because the “12 Days of Christmas” comes after Christmas. I realize that, but I’m just tryna entertain the masses as we coast through the holiday season.

“On the 11th day of Christmas, my true love gave to me, 11 Pipers Piping.”

This can go one of several ways. The first is musical, which I’m assuming is the original intention and will be the grading criteria. However, it can be old Irish guys who love to smoke out of a pipe, and that’s awesome. It can also be the modern sexual term, and if you’re true love is bringing you an orgy, that’s cool I guess.

Original Grade: D

Potential Grade: A-

“On the 10th day of Christmas, my true love gave to me, 10 Lords a Leaping.”

TRANSLATION: Male dancers. Ladies, sounds like the perfect set of classy gents to throw for your friends bachelorette party. Not really to appealing to me, although I’m sure they’ve got some sweet costumes because they’re nobility and such.

Grade: C+

Now for my pizan’s… Today’s clip is from 2:30-2:38 and 2:58-3:09

“On the 11th Day of Christmas. my pizan gave to me, 11 Sinatra CD’s.” *sniffles*

“Moment of silence for the Chairman of the Board.” Couldn’t have said it any better myself. Gosh, I’m no Sinatra historian but I’m positive he crushed every aspect of life imaginable. His voice though.

Grade: B+

“Ten new hand gestures” 

The perfect gift. All Italians can add a nice new set of hand gestures to the repertoire. You can use it everyday at anytime.

Grade: A



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