I’m Pretty Sure The New York Post Just Fabricated This Story About Carmelo Waiving His No Trade Clause


This is why I love the Post. They love nothing more than just throwing stories at the wall and seeing what sticks. I am impressed though, this article created an absolute firestorm throughout the sports world this morning. It was the first time the Knicks were actually relevant this season….until Carmelo and his agent came out and flat out said that it isn’t true. Now, I’m not going to just call Marc Berman a liar, because what I think happened is that he talked to somebody in the Knicks organization who said they think maybe Carmelo would waive his no trade clause if the Knicks set up a deal for him. And as a journalist, that’s the dream, and exclusive saying that the biggest individual star in the city is just going to bolt a month after signing his contract. It makes sense to him right? The Knicks suck, they need to rebuild, Carmelo said a few weeks ago he originally wanted to sign with the Bulls. The only thing that Berman overlooked was that he just never asked Carmelo or anybody associated with Carmelo. I love the New York Post. I read it every day. I get a lot of the stories I use on this site from there. But C’mon man, leave the making up stories to the pros like me.


BTW- Melo should ABSOLUTELY waive his no trade clause if presented with the opportunity. I know the Knicks aren’t looking into it, but we should and Melo should. It’s time to blow this thing up.


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