Uncle Kev Taking some Jabs At The Mets


I completely understand what Uncle Kev is saying. I think every Mets fan does. I just think that it’s great to see him throw some shots at the Mets. It shows that he wasn’t just a company man, brainwashed by the Wilpons into thinking all is well with the world. He is absolutely right. If we don’t get a Shortstop by spring training, it’s pathetic. The Mets are trying to shower us with numbers about how Flores stacks up with the other shortstops in the league, and while I get what they’re saying, eventually you just have to look at what the guy does at the plate. That’s what Uncle Kev is pointing at, that Flores just isn’t a shortstop who the Mets can rely on. He saw him play every day. He saw how many guys Flores left stranded on base. He sees that the Mets are hinging our season on two guys in their early 30s who we’re praying are going to hit like they’re 26 again. Kevin speaks the truth, and he always has.


BTW- The reason me and Baca call him “Uncle Kev ” is because we met him like a bazillion times in his time with the Mets. Just look at us, the three amigos

Owen Chris Kevin

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