Mets Bring Back Scott Rice


SAN DIEGO — Left-hander Scott Rice has an agreement in principle to return to the Mets on a minor-league contract.

Rice had become a free agent when he was removed from the 40-man roster on Oct. 31. He had undergone surgery on July 23 to remove a bone spur and relocate a nerve in his pitching elbow. Rice will compete for a spot as a left-handed reliever.


A very underrated part of the Mets success last year was our bullpen. Early in the year our bullpen was perhaps one of the worst in the history of the MLB. It was terrible. We couldn’t protect any sort of lead. Combine that with the fact that our offense was a new kind of inept and our April and May were disastrous. But then something happened. We overhauled the whole pen. We got rid of Farnsworth, dumped Francisco, Valverde and Germen, we stuck Mejia into the closers role and Familia developed into a fantastic set up man. Josh Edgin replaced Rice as our go to lefty after Rice went down with the elbow injury and Carlos torres played amazing as our long man. By the end of the year only Torres had an ERA over 3.00 in the bullpen. Scott Rice will probably become a great backup option once somebody goes down, so he’ll be placed in Vegas at the start of the year. We’ll probably add one or two more guys like this before spring training, low risk, high reward guys, and hopefully they’ll stick.


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