Several Teams Interested in Dillon Gee

Add the San Diego Padres to the list of teams at least “kicking the tires” on Dillon Gee and/or Jonathon Niese, a source told Adam Rubin of

Rubin says the Mets prefer to trade Gee and no deal is considered imminent.

The Texas Rangers, San Francisco Giants, Minnesota Twins and Kansas City Royals are other teams believed to be interested in Mets’ pitching. The Boston Red Sox, who lost out on Jon Lester, are believed to be aiming higher at the moment.

Andy Martino of the New York Daily News says the odds of Gee being traded by the end of the winter meetings is “about 50/50.”


Listen, I love Dillon Gee as much as the next guy. He’s a very solid pitcher, he’s a good guy to have in the rotation and in the clubhouse if you’re almost any team in the major leagues. But the Mets need to start getting rid of pitchers and with all due respect to Dillon Gee, out of the 7 guys trying to get into the 5 guy rotation, Dillon is probably #7 for us. We just don’t really have a use for him right now. If we can ship him off to another team and get a solid role player in return, I’ll be perfectly content with that. We’re going to have a tough time getting something substantial in return for Gee because of the fact that teams know we’re begging to get rid of some of our pitchers. However, if we can get a bunch of teams “kicking the tires” at once, maybe Sandy can work some magic and grab us a good ‘ol shortstop to trot out there everyday. Who knows anything can happen.


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