How We Lost That Game Is Beyond Me

New York Jets v Minnesota Vikings

This one sucked. Every week I say that but I think I especially mean it this week. That’s because we actually for the first time this year played a complete game. Our Offense played well, our defense played well, and our special teams played well. So why is it that we lost a game that we actually played like a football team? It’s depressing, it really is, to lose to a rookie quarterback in a ams that we really should’ve won. Ugh, let’s recap:


Geno Smith:

I hate to say it but Geno played really well. He was very comfortable in the pocket and made some really nice throws. He also made some amazing escapes that Harry Houdini would’ve applauded. Overall he played a really complete game. He led us down the field for a game tying drive in a two minute situation in forever and left me wanting more Geno. Sure, he made throws like this

but he also did this


G. Smith 18/29 254 8.8 1 1 3-12 48.9 87.4

Geno Smith, so hot right now, Geno Smith.

The rest of the offense:

The rest of the offense was working like a machine as well. Percy Harvin had his best game as a Jets, doing dynamic things on the field that we were expecting since we traded for him. Hopefully Percy doesn’t have Santonio Holmes syndrome and we give him a big contract after the season and then he fucks us. We ran for 168 yards as a team so our ground and pound is rising like the phoenix. Eric Decker made Jesse James proud, he didn’t drop 1 ball and caught 6 for 89 yards! I hope he isn’t depressed anymore!

Sheldon Richardson:

If Sheldon wasn’t your favorite Jet before yesterday then he has to be now. The guy gives his heart and soul on every single play. He plays every game like it is the god damn Super Bowl. He doesn’t deserve this season. He’s the only person on this Jets team who hasn’t quit on this season. Sheldon lit a fire under this team with this at the start of the game with this:

He came to PLAY yesterday. He got hurt and limped off the field but came back on the field at the end to try and will us to a win. And who was the guy who was chasing down Jarius Wright at the end of the game? Sheldon. Fucking. Richardson.

The rest of the defense:

Although we gave up 30 points to a rookie quarterback I don’t think we actually played that bad. Fake Darrell Revis played well, recoving a botched punt return that helped save the game for us. Daren Walls gave us our 5th pick of the year, and our defensive line applied pressure all game long. It’s pathetic that they let Teddy Bridgewater go almost 50 yards in a minute to set up what would’ve been the game winning field goal, and the two missed tackles on the screen in overtime reeeally screwed us.


Overall yesterdays game was fun to watch until it wasn’t. I think in the back of my mind I always knew we were going to lose that game, and I was just in a constant state of denial until Jarius Wright tore my heart out and showed it to me going 85 yards to end it. Not much changed that game. Geno played well, but he’s a dead Quarterback walking. Rex is still walking the plank, Idzik can still go fuck himself, but it was nice to watch a game where we played a complete 4 quarters for once.

I still don’t get how we lost that game.


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