Bloggeer Power Rankings Week 2!!!!

Movers and shakers. It’s been a very active week here at 1 minute sports. Controversy, battles, and some really good blogs. Now it’s time for the Supreme Ruler himself to rank my peasants.

1) Odawg: Eric Decker Is Apparently Depressed. Join The Club Buddy

1456751_3571179455014_205535561_n (1)

last week’s ranking: #3

How could I not be #1 this week??? I pushed out blogs on blogs on blogs. I had my leadership questioned, Grover called for me to step down and I came out stronger than ever. Plus I wrote some really good blogs following Eric and Jesse James Decker, the Jets royal couple. If you take a shot at the king, you best not miss.

2) BacaBoom: An Actual Preview Of #2 Wisconsin vs. #4 Duke

1604946_364969960329786_4544179044641602956_n (1)


Last week’s ranking: #4

How do do go from 4th to 2nd? You write the #1 blog of the week. Although I should drop him out of the rankings because he outright disobeyed my orders and went and wrote an article for (give it a read, it’s pretty good)

3) CollinMick: Not Only Did The Yankees Receive A Shortstop, They Received An Artist


Last week’s ranking: #1

This is the most dissapointing fall of the week. The kid wrote the biggest blog in the history of the blog and followed it up with just an average viewed one. What do I do as a boss? Do I discipline him physically? Abuse him verbally until he gets more views? Or just let him keep writing and maybe he’ll work his way back up to #1.

50,000,000) GroverSteveland: Communism Strikes Again! A New 1 Minute Scandal

1147038_10201231444741672_535068715_o (1)

Last week’s rank: #2

This is what happens when you try to overthrow the empire. You get put into the depths of the dungeon of the blogger rankings. How will he move back up? I don’t know, sexual favors might work. But for now, you are the lowest of the low.


Blogger rankings week two. Let me know what you think? If you want to rank us, do it, if not don’t. Keep reading.


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